Feb 3, 2009

Dokapon Journey Announced for the DS

I am a little ashamed to say it, and also slightly afraid of one of the many crazed Atlus fans out there finding me. But with the exception of Trauma Center I am not a huge fan of most Atlus games.

What I do like about Atlus is that unlike most of the gaming industry, Atlus continues to make games that are not aimed at casual gamers. Actually quite the opposite, they mostly make games that are excruciatingly difficult. The only reason I am not a fan, is because just about the only genre of games I don’t like are turn based strategy games, which is what most of the games published or developed by Atlus are. 

Which brings me to the announcement of Dokapon Journey. At the moment it is set for release on April 14, 09.

A bit about the Game

“The Kingdom of Dokapon is in peril! Desperate to do away with the monster invasion that has overrun his land, the King has offered his crown and the hand of his daughter, Princess Penny, to whoever can restore peace once again. Heroes from distant lands rise to the call, but with multiple adventurers offering to assist in the struggle, each eagerly eyeing the prizes that await the champion of Dokapon, they must now fight amongst themselves to save the kingdom and claim their reward!”

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